Welcome! This is the official website of the Ki Society and its dojos in Europe. We study and teach oneness of mind and body and oneness with the universe through the five disciplines of the Ki Society  – as they were designed by its founder Soshu Koichi Tohei Sensei (1920-2011) and are now taught by his son and successor Kaicho Shinichi Tohei Sensei.

Through the practice of Ki-Aikido (Shinshin Toitsu Aikido), Ki-Meditation, Ki-Breathing, Kiatsu and Sokushin no Gyo we learn to realize the full human potential we naturally have. This is applicable in all aspects of our daily lives, and so it is eagerly practiced by people whose fields are in management, art, sports, education and many others…

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  • 4.1.2022:  Curtis Sensei is currently in Europe for his seminar series 2022! We already had two wonderful seminars in Helmond/NL and Bubenreuth/D, and also in between a great time with Sensei! A few photos can be found here…


  • 21./22.5.2022Curtis Sensei in Barcelona/E (flyer)

  • 4./5.6.2022Toby Voogels Sensei in Rodgau/Germany (Flyer)
    celebrating the dojo’s 20th anniversary 
  • 30.7.-6.8.2022 – EUKF European Summercamp – with Toby Voogels Sensei (Flyer